Franziska is a state-certified and trained ballet dancer, actress and culture manager. She worked as a choreographer and director for over 17 years for more than 30 productions in Turkey, Germany, France, Switzerland and the United Emirates. At the same time she worked as a talent agent and producer for stage productions as well as for the marketing department of a theater company.

Since 2018 she is also working as a freelance editor and writes about experiences and current intercultural events for various intercultural media companies.


Volkan is the Managing Director of the Favori Filmproduction.

For more than 10 years he has been successful as a director and producer. In Istanbul / Turkey he supervised and produced television programs for Show TV, ATV, TLC, Channel D ,as well as image campaigns of international corporations.

The focus of the Favori productions is on trailers, show reels, documentaries, image- and advertising clips.

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