Sema Engin-Edinsel

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Setcard Sema Engin-Edinsel         Vita Sema Engin-Edinsel
Theatre Direction – Sema Engin-Edinsel
Translations – Sema Engin-Edinsel

Actress, Moderator, Voice Actor, Theatre Director

Sema Engin-Edinsel is a German - Turkish actress. 1989, Sema Engin-Edinsel went the first time on the stage of the Theatre Schaubühne in Berlin with the Turkish Theatre Production “Keşanlı Ali Destanı (The ballad of Ali from Keşan)”. Over the years, numerous appearances followed at the Schiller Theater Berlin, in German television productions as well as on German-Turkish theatre stages in the city of Berlin. Since then, she has worked closely with theaters in Samsung, Ankara and Istanbul / Turkey, directing and working as  artist and interpreter for various theatrical productions.

From 2003 to 2013, Sema Engin Edinsel worked as a lecturer at the 19th May University of Samsun / Turkey for the subject Creative Drama and Theatre.

In addition to her work as actress she volunteers as a consultant to support the German-Turkish Cultural Initiative Merhaba in Berlin.
Nationalitäty:                     Turkish, German
Residence:                         Berlin
Year of Birth:                     1961
Hight:                             1,58
Hair color:                        brown
Eye color:                         brown
Languages:                         German (fluent),  Turkish (fluent)
Voice:                             Mezzo-Sopran
Role Age:                          50-65
Residential Opportunities:         Berlin, Istanbul 
“Gelen Savas” Bertold Brecht – Sema Engin – Edinsel
“Onlar” Nazim Hikmet (Kuvayi Milliye Destani) – Sema Engin – Edinsel