Patrizia Sapienza


Setcard Patrizia Sapienza         Vita Patrizia Sapienza            Top Artist Award

Actress, Moderator, Choreographer, Dancer
Patrizia Sapienza is a trained, state-certified musical performer with a degree in acting, dance and singing. 
Since she finished her education she has been on countless theatre stages and television productions as an actress, dancer, entertainer, musical performer and above all as a presenter/moderator with a lot of heart.
The Rhineland young lady is a open and natural character, known for her wit and charm.
Nationalitäty:                       German
Residence:                           Düsseldorf
Year of Birth:                       1982
Hight:                               1,58
Hair color:                          blond
Eye color:                           brown
Languages:                           German(fluent), English (good)
Voice:                               Mezzo-Sopran
Singing:                             Musical, Pop
Role Age:                            20-35
Residential Opportunities:           Aachen, München, Berlin, Leipzig


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