Annette Pausch

© Oliver Nötzel
Setcard Annette Pausch                       CV Annette Pausch
Annette Pausch is a German actress living in Berlin. 
Since 2000 she is performing as actress for various free theater ensembles, as well as for film & tv and advertising. 
If we may not see her working on stage or in front of the camera, she works as a speech and voice therapist.

Nationality::                       German
Year of birth:                      1957
Residence:                          Berlin
Size:                               1,80 m
Hair color:                         brown / grey-mottled
Eye color:                          blue-green
Languages:                          German(native), English(good), French (good)
Sports:                             Yoga, Joggen, Schwimmen,
Dance:                              Ballroom Dancing, Oriental Dance,
Voice:                              Alt